The Foundation offers scholarships to applicants who seek to realize individual goals and aspirations through educational and cultural opportunities. Applicants are current or former residents of Child Haven and they must submit a request for funds with a full description of the program or project they are requesting funds for, including the purpose, goals, objectives, timeline, budget, and why the program is important to them.

Specific program areas, with some examples, include:


Musical instruments, uniforms, equipment, music, vocal, dance or drama lessons, or any other cultural opportunity.


Medical, dental or visual procedures and/or equipment.


Tuition, books or education related materials (with the exception of computers), tutoring, lab fees, class trips, full-time students’ housing.


Equipment, uniforms, fees and/or lessons.

Upon the approval of funding, disbursements, when possible, are made payable directly to the school or program. Upon completion of the program, or every 90 days, recipients are asked to submit a written summary explaining the positive results of the scholarship program.


If you would like to apply for the Scholarship Program please use the below form:

Download Application
Application requires Adobe Acrobat Reader